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Volunteers are welcome!

It is our aim to organize again an unforgettable Men's World Championship where helpers also will have their joy. To satisfy all criteria, we need at least 150 helpers who can come from the whole world.

Main conditions: being kind and helpful.

Partly reconciles days earlier, the helpers have to be available during the whole duration of the World Championship.

We ask with the following form for a registration as speedy as possible so that the planning can be made in the individual departments.

The helpers get one coach jacket, two T-shirts, one event Pin and an accreditation. For this reason the dress size also has to be indicated on the registration. During the working days meals, mineral water and coffee are provided freely.

All helpers also have access to the seats of the category 2.

Helper categories:

  Department Tasks Prerequisites
A Security Parking lot control, vendor inspection department, usher  
B Accreditation make the cards' PC's knowledge Foreign languages
C Team service Support of the wardrobes and the player lounge  
D Driver Driver for players, guests and officials Drivers license
E VIP-Lounges Support and service of the guests  
F Construction Making and reduction of the infrastructure  
G Cable scooter folding and unfolding the TV cables on the icefield during the games English
H Infodesk Information of every kind Foreign languages
I Ice crew Helper of the ice maker  
K Statistics Working on the games at the computer PC's knowledge
L Mediaservice Helper of the press chief, editorial staff of the day news  
M Time goalkeeper Time study man  

Online registration:

to the online registration form

Registration by post:

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